Customers - Order and Pay on Your Phone

Hi all and thanks for visiting our website! As you may have seen so far TAP APP is an in-venue mobile ordering and payment app that helps make your lives easier! We're basically a quicker way to order and pay at all your favourite hospitality venues such as Stadiums, Theatres, Bars, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Cinemas and many many more!

Feel free to have a cheeky look below at how easy we've made TAP APP to use for you! <3

Home Screen 2


Select Your Venue
So to start with all you have to do is ... Select Your Venue! You can find the one you want under it's venue type!

So if you're at a Bar just click on "Bars & Restaurants"!


Add Your Items
Next up is the best bit... choosing what to treat yourself with! Browse through the menu and then just add it to your buggy, tray or bag...

We won't tell anyone if you indulge yourself a little bit more than you should do! 😉

Order Items screen 2
Delivery screen 2


Order, Sit Back & Relax
Andddd relax! Just add your delivery address, or choose your collection point, order and enjoy watching everyone else spend ages queuing!

Life is goooood!


Re-Order with a TAP
Under "My Orders" it's simple to keep track of your orders, but you can also re-order at the touch of a button.

No excuse not to get that next round in now.....

New My Orders screen 2


Service Directly To You
Rest assured once you have placed your order it is being taken care of by your host and will be with you shortly