Below you can find responses to some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1) Where can I download TAP APP? 

Great question! We'll make it easy for you because we like you 😉

Q2) How do I register on TAP APP?

It's so easy to sign up to TAP APP! You can sign-up through Facebook, or using your email and creating a password! Simples!

Q3) What does it cost me to order on TAP APP?

We're shocked you would even ask us that :O ! We charge customers NOTHING (ZERO, NADA, ZILCH) to place an order. Some vendors may charge a small delivery fee/service charge but that's likely to be very small! 😀

Q4) How will I know when my order is ready?

Nice question and there's a couple of options here!

If you've chosen an order for collection then it should be ready at your collection time at the collection point, but the venue can also notify you when it is ready!

If you've chosen an order for delivery well then you'll know it's ready when it's at your table!

Q5) Do I have to add my card details to pay for an order?

Not at all! We know how frustrating it is to get your card out and add the details to ANOTHER app, so we've integrated Apple Pay and Android Wallet to make it that much easier for you...! We know, we love you too! <3

If you don't have either of those set up then I'm afraid you'll have to add your card details to ANOTHER app (but hopefully the last one)!

Q6) Can I cancel an order after I've placed it?

Why would you want to cancel an order?! Our partners are so speedy that your order is probably already being made so you will need to talk to the venue directly and their phone no which can be found by clicking on their images in the list of venues under each venue type (Bars & Restaurants, Stadiums etc...)

Q7) My favourite venue isn't on TAP APP ;( How do I get it on there?

Great question and we're so sorry that they aren't on TAP APP yet! Just send us an email using the Contact Us button below! Thanks for thinking of us though 😀 😀 😀

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