Upset Kids

Taking the kids out for a quick bite to eat after a long day can be quite the challenge. Tired, grumpy children with an added dose of “hanger” (combination of angry and hungry) can make for a not so pleasant meal. What are the three critical attributes the restaurant in choice needs to have when faced with this situation?
1. Fast service
2. Simple kid’s meals
3. Speedy, convenient payment

Once you find a restaurant that satisfies these attributes, the next step is getting food in front of your kids face ASAP, and then get out of there before any little ones get fussy.

Sounds ideal, right?

On the other hand, we have all been there when things don’t go exactly as planned. The waiter disappearing after the drink order, the food taking for what seems to be forever, and waiting an age for the bill are all recipes for a possible meltdown.

One of the missions here at TAP APP is to minimize these food-related meltdowns. With TAP APP you can order and pay for your food at your favorite venue, even before you leave home, simply through your phone! Then sit your kids down at a table and get the food delivered to your table with no fuss. Your kids get their food right away and you can leave whenever you’re ready to tackle the final battle of the night… bedtime!

Children or not, TAP APP wants to make ordering food and drink more convenient for consumers at a wide range of venues including stadiums, pubs, restaurants, golf courses and more. Our goal is to not only make service more convenient for guests, but enable venues to run more efficiently.

Over the past couple of years, restaurants have been struggling to cover rising costs. Food price inflation has increased 4% in 2017 making raw ingredients pricey. The minimum wage for workers over 25 is due to increase 4% to £7.83 in April and is expected to continuously rise at an average of 3% each year. Rising variable costs have injected uncertainty into the industry with only about 4% of hospitality businesses in the UK confident that they can pass their costs onto consumers without losing sales.

TAP APP allows venues to create a more balanced staffing structure to bring those crazy wage bills down to more manageable levels!

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