JD Wetherspoon Bucking The Trend

35 out of the 100 top UK restaurant groups are currently loss-making companies but JD is finding ways to weather the storm...

Going Out For Dinner With The Kids?

Ever had a difficult evening taking the kids to a restaurant? Don't worry, you're not the only one! It doesn't have to be that hard though...

Are ICOs the best way for start-ups to raise money?

Here we look at ICOs and whether they are a good source of funding for start-ups - from the perspective of a start-up!

The Differentiation Game: 5 Ways to Get Clever With Coffee

A great read with some interesting insights. Their 5 key steps are:
1) Know Your Market
2) Link your selection to your theme
3) Treat hot drinks like you would wine
4) All about the Antipodes
5) Train to gain

Let's face it, who doesn't love a good coffee? You can order your favourite coffee at your favourite venues through TAP APP.

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The New Age For Mobile Payments

Research performed by Barclaycard found that "more than a quarter of people aged 18-34 say they would be more likely to choose a restaurant if it allowed them to pre-order and pay via an app for pick-up or dining in."

It's a great job that TAP APP is a mobile ordering and payment solution that allows you to order and pay on app! Because let's face it, who has time to waste anyway...?

Consumers would spend more if they could order from their smartphones

Exciting research performed by Zonal showed that customers would order more if they could order and pay through their phones.

"The trend for mobile ordering and payment in the hospitality sector has seen a sharp rise, with the number of consumers using their smartphones more than doubling in the past three years, according to research from CGA and Zonal’s Go Technology report."

"The research also reveals that 67% would spend more cash and buy more drinks if they could order from their mobile device, with 80% happy to pay via their smartphone using recognisable."

Isn't it great that TAP APP is an app to order and pay?!? You can use TAP APP to order and pay on app at your favourite venues. We quite like our mobile ordering and payment solution, and hope you do too... 😉

Third Party Delivery - Who's To Blame?

It's an interesting debate, and one that we at TAP APP have intentionally steered clear from!

Our focus is instead on making your life easier. From pre-ordering a coffee, to pre-ordering lunch, to ordering a drink at a bar. TAP TAPP likes to keep things simple!