35 out of the 100 top UK restaurant groups are currently loss-making companies, with smaller restaurant chains and family owned establishments rapidly closing across the UK due to a rising variable costs. For example sales tax on draught beer now make up a third of the cost of a pint; the minimum wage of workers over 25 is set to rise 4.4% in April; and food price inflation continues to increase.

Pub giant, JD Wetherspoon, is also being impacted by rising food and wage costs just as the rest of the hospitality industry is, but JD is finding ways to weather the storm.

JD launched a mobile ordering and payment app called Wetherspoon last year that allows patrons to skip the queues all together by ordering food and drink directly from their table. This strategy effectively makes ordering more convenient and, in turn, customers are ordering more than ever before. JD has experienced an increase in like-on-like sales in 2017 while competitors sales growth declines. This increase in sales could be in large part due to their app.

So whilst small hospitality businesses are being attacked on multiple fronts, unlike JD they don’t have the resources to cover the additional cost of creating their own in-venue ordering app.

TAP APP an affordable option for restaurants, sports stadiums, social clubs, to introduce their customers to a mobile ordering application either through onboarding onto TAP APP or by leveraging their technology to build you a white-label solution.

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